I am especially attracted to the visual potential of abstraction in my photographs. It allows us to recapture the wonder and awe that we lose as we identify, catalog and filter out information as a result of our education and experience. It provides an experience not unlike unmetered verse or improvisational jazz with its syncopation and dissonance. One must divest oneself of rules and fixed ideas to fully appreciate the experience.

Photographs capture a moment in time. The shapes and figures in the sand and ice images are particularly transitory in that they disappeared with the next tide or gust of wind or temperature rise.  They are framed without reference in order to let the viewer make their own conclusions and associations. I like the idea of capturing something that is so short lived that I may have been the only person to see it.

In making a print I am not merely documenting the moment, but enhancing the image with rich blacks and local contrast between the different elements in the frame to create a mood. The final result is intended to be a beautiful object that adds something personal to the world around us.

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